Am i escaping into other worlds (via dvd) when i'm down?!

Question: Am i escaping into other worlds (via dvd) when i'm down.?
i dont feel like talking to people and there is only so much i can write in a journal so i seem to watch alot of DVD's. Alot of kids ones lately. am i escaping into other worlds to kind of block out this crummy one i feel i'm in.? (dont worry i dont plan on escaping via death. There are too many that I love and who love me back and being here helps me encourage who i can if they need it).
am i piling too much on my plate in trying to encourage others and making me want to escape it via dvd.?
what do you think it is and any suggestions on what to do.?Health Question & Answer

You're perfectly normal. How many ppl do you know escape with xbox, nintendo's and PS3's.? More seriously ppl turn to abusing drugs or the destressing glass of wine or 4 to escape from it all for a while.?
You carry on as you are and enjoy!! Its harmless and does the job!Health Question & Answer

well watching dvds does help you feel like you're escaping your own world and it can be good to escape your life sometimes and feel what it's like to be another. It's like reading, when i feel down i just read a good book and get sucked right into it. but don't try to run away from your problems forever.Health Question & Answer

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