Does this Sound Silly? What Do You Think?!

Question: Does this Sound Silly.? What Do You Think.?
I am 17yrs old and was recently hospitalized for my eating disorder for about 5 weeks and have since returned home. Now that I'm home, i find myself in a dilema with school and i have to decide whether i should keep my honors classes and work to catch up or drop down to a regular level. I take pride in my schoolwork, so im having a really difficult time making this decision. My mom suggested i call one of my old teachers from a few years ago and ask her opinion. I feel really close to this teacher, and she is the one who first recognized my eating disorder behaviors when they were first starting. However, i haven't seen her much in the past year or so even though she lives right down the street.

So my question is, would it be silly to ask her opinion on what i should do about my classes.? For some reason, i kind of want to talk to her, but im scared. I don't want to bother her or waste her time, and i really don't know what to say to her. What's your opinion.?

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Contrary to what many or most students many think, we teachers care very deeply for our students.

We worry about you. We want you to be happy and healthy. We want you to succeed. We want the best for you... always and in all ways.

Go talk to her, Honey. :)

And congratulations on getting help for your e.d. -- that must have been tough, but you sound like a strong young lady. Hang in there, kiddo!! Health Question & Answer

Of course its not silly, you are close to her and she knows your problems and problems you are having now she can help you.. problems you are having is school work and she is a teacher so she can help you for sure, you have sensitive problems such as eating disorders and she knows about it ... she was the one that discovered it.. so she can help you for are not wasting her time.. im sure she will extremely happy to talk to you... talk to her about everything not just school work and sure you willl feel much better after talking...Health Question & Answer

I don't think that it's silly to ask someone whose judgement you respect for their opinion.

You do need to consider whether the stress of working to catch up will be too much, or if the rewards are worth it.

The only silly thing would be NOT to ask about her opinion.

The best of luck to you.Health Question & Answer

go for it you got nowt to loose just say sorry to bother you but can i ask you a question you are the only one i can talk to about this properly and see what she says
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