How should I tell my mother I'm depressed? ?!

Question: How should I tell my mother I'm depressed.? .?
I think I'm clinically depressed. I've taken tests on the internet and got very high scores. I know they don't prove anything, but I'd feel better talking to someone (like a counsellor) about it. How should I ask my parents to see someone.? I'd feel really embarrassed. They'd just want me to talk to them, and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Please help.Health Question & Answer

hard question ... honestly you are in a hard situation and i totally understand how it feels and how its like ... i have been there and maybe still to some degree ... you need to go ahead and talk to them about it, they may help you ... just talking helps actually ... but u really need to just be honest ... there is nothing to be ashamed of or to be embarrassed of, a lot of people get depressed in a lot of times and they don't have anyone to turn to ... you are blessed to have your parents there for you ... they will help you somehow i am sure ... u just need to go ahead and talk about it to your parents before it gets worse ... i hope this helps you and that you will get over being depressed.Health Question & Answer

I think the 1st step to accepting depression is seeking help. No one deserves to deal w/depression or let it control your life. Tell your parents that it's kind of hard for you to say, but you think that maybe you should talk to someone regarding depression. It will be the 1st step to a whole new you =)Health Question & Answer

Say to your mom that you really need her help and understanding, that you want to talk to someone and you appreciate her respecting your wishes. Tell her not to worry and show her you care about her. Good luck...Health Question & Answer

Just be honest and tell them that your depressed and tell them youll tell them when your ready *even if you dont mean it* ask them to see a counciler. If there good parents theyll understandHealth Question & Answer

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