Sometimes I obsess about things to the point where I can't sleep. Help!?!

Question: Sometimes I obsess about things to the point where I can't sleep. Help!.?
I'm at a not so great place in my life right now because I have a degree and can't get a full time job. It's been almost two years since I graduated now. I'm down A LOT because of it, and have way too much time to think as well. I'm in a relationship, but I've been obsessing over two ex boyfriends who are also ex friends, who both won't talk to me because one is too busy and the other changes his story.. still loves me, etc. (he's just cruel). Is this normal.? I would go see a therapist, but I can't afford to do that. Health Question & Answer

First concentrate on the relationship your in now. The other man
well it sounds to me your better off without him. Right now its
tough out there for jobs. Have you tried contacting job referral companies. Have your ever heard of "Kelly Services" they can
set you up with something. I have worked for them and they are
excellent. Try contacting your local Mental Health Department.
They can help you find free or low cost counseling. Keep your
chin up. Things will get better. Health Question & Answer

You seemed to have found the source of the problem. You have to let go of the past. Start focusing on yourself--get super fit, exercise, eat right. You'll find that the rest starts to fall into place. As you get fitter, you will feel better about yourself both because you look good and because exercise releases hormones that reduce stress.Health Question & Answer

You should do thing you like
Do yoga,dip breathing & meditation
You can take medicine from your doctorHealth Question & Answer

ipods are coolHealth Question & Answer

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