In what ways would therapy help a victim of sexual abuse?!

Question: In what ways would therapy help a victim of sexual abuse.?
What would the therapist tell or teach the victim to help them.?Health Question & Answer

Hi Sad,
that's a great question and one I'm sure a lot of friends of survivors and survivors themselves must ask at some time. Here is some information from the secasa website that may help answer it.

The main aims of counselling are to help you:

* feel more in charge of your life;
* clarify situations and difficulties;
* find solutions you haven't tried yet.

The role of the counsellor is to:

* make a safe space away from other demands;
* focus on you and your needs;
* give you time to explore your thoughts and feelings;
* suggest different ways of behaving or thinking.

Your family and friends can also be very helpful but sometimes they impose their own needs on you. Sometimes they deny or avoid difficult issues they don't want to deal with.

When Counselling Might Help You

* when you feel stuck in a situation you can't seem to get out of by yourself
* when an issue is seriously affecting your day to day life
* when you can't make important decisions, don't know what to do next
* when you need to discuss an issue with someone to give you a new perspective.

Talking To A Stranger

Sometimes it is difficult to talk about personal things with someone you don't know. Some women find it easier than with friends or family because the counsellor isn't involved and will keep it confidential.

You may worry that she'll find you silly or think that other people have more important problems. It's her job to know that what you're there for is important to you and to take that seriously.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what to say you can start anywhere and reveal yourself gradually. The counsellor can help you by asking questions and you can choose whether or not to answer these.

I hope this is of some help.

To find your nearest sexual assault centre please ring one of the following numbers.
In Victoria Australia 1800 806 292 (CASA)
Australia wide 1800 200 526
USA 1800 656 HOPE (RAINN)
UK 1800 778 888 (DRCC)
See websites below for more and EU numbersHealth Question & Answer

Google counseling for sexual abuse--many sites available. DO IT NOW! There is help out there, and as difficult as it may be, the pain of talking to a trained sexual abuse counselor is tremendously important in recovery--don't let this ruin your life forever, or someone you know who is suffering. There is life after abuse, but you must be strong and seek help. I pray that you will find peace.Health Question & Answer

it'll get stuff off their chestHealth Question & Answer

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