How much emotional trauma/upset can the average person handle?!

Question: How much emotional trauma/upset can the average person handle.?
I want to know how much one person should be able to handle before they have a breakdown or need medical help. In the past 2 years i have lost my nan,my mum, my aunties partner, i have been seperated then divorced, single mum to 4 children, breakdown of another relationship, gave birth, moved house, battle post natal depression, unemployment. I have fully reached my limits. All through my personal dramas i have raised 4 great smart children (that is my best acheivement so far) Just wondering how much can one person handle in a short space of time before something mentally goes wrong (i dont mean the post natal depression i have overcome that) any advice would be greatHealth Question & Answer

When it comes to something like that, there is no such thing as an "average" and I would bet a large amount of money that there is no reliable statistical data anyway. How on earth would anyone go about studying such a thing, as everyone's perception of trauma is entirely subjective and coloured by whatever else has happened in their life previously, their upbringing, personal values and beliefs, personality type, and many many other factors. Only YOU can judge whether and when you need help, so if you feel you do then don't be afraid to admit it regardless of what other's experiences are. The only valid scale against which to measure yourself is yourself, not others.Health Question & Answer

It seems as though you have been through quite a few big ordeals in a very small amount of time. It would be in your best interest to seek some type of therapy with a licensed professional. Your family doctor can help you to find one.

By you coming online and posting a question, raises question that there is something going on that needs to be *fixed*. You should start by talking to your family doctor and taking it from there.Health Question & Answer

everyone is different. some people endure hardship for their whole lives without ever "cracking up".
if you feel yourself that you need help you should seek it. if things get too much for you or you feel them getting out of hand you should have the confidence and intelligence to get help for yourself. cos noone else will.Health Question & Answer

you would be surprised how resilient we are, i have had a number of things go badly wrong in a short space of time - had one year where i lost something or someone close every month, but you will get thru without cracking up and you will be a stronger personHealth Question & Answer

I think just because you went through all of that it does not mean you are going to have mental problems. also God only gives us what we can handle. Sound like you have something good going for you-your kids!Health Question & Answer

with God you can take anything

naturally, depends how strong a person you are, you sound strong to meHealth Question & Answer

you have to keep your spirits high in this world to survive and be mentally strong Health Question & Answer

To be honest most peoples breaking point is achieved the moment they reach out to seek help, which sounds like where you are right now.
Usually more serious effects of emotional trauma would produce physical effects, lack of interest, not maintaining your image, or feeling ill.
Emotional Trauma is something that everyone has a different tolerance to, such as myself, with many years of physical trauma caused by a multitude of accidents I am supposed to walk with a cane, but instead I run with my dog, at the end of the mile my leg and hip hurt, but its a tolerance that I've built up in hope that my trauma wont effect my daily life, even if it clearly should.
But if you were to toss me into an emotional situation I would break almost instantly and just walk out, because my tolerance is low for that.
It sounds like you have alot of **** piled on your shoulders, but it also sounds like at the core of your life, you have something to work for, your children.
If I were you, I would go talk to someone, a friend, or a professional, as usually talking about it helps.Health Question & Answer

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