What mental illness do I have?!

Question: What mental illness do I have.?
I had to drop out of college and be unemployed because of the following habit.

Late spring(May) and summer all the way through fall I'm fine and motivated. But when it hits October and it starts to get dark out earlier clear to April, I sleep 12 hours straight, I don't want to do my work not even bible study, I don't even want to do the things I enjoy the most. Even my favorite classes.

So I end up skipping classes and not doing homework. Same thing with a bible study group. I stop doing the work and stop going.

Same thing with work.
Even during these dark months I don't even take a shower more than once a week. But from May through September I take everyday showers.
What do I have.? I doubt a "sun" light will magically want me to do things.

How do I get out of this nasty habit.?
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Sounds a lot like SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Go to a P-Doc and find out for sure. It's easy to treat and live with. Health Question & Answer

It sound like you have Seasonal Affective Disorder as known as SAD.
I have experienced the same thing. If I try to tell you how to get out of this bad habit I'll be writing for days so I going to give you a website to help you. www.yourtotalhealth.ivillage.com Hope it can help. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

If it is indeed a mental illness, likely it is SAD. In which case sunlight really does help, if you are in a northern climate. See a psychiatrist for evaluation.Health Question & Answer

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Try a sunlight, they really do help many people.

Alternatively, see a doctor and get antidepressants.Health Question & Answer

So SAD, (seasonal affective disorder) see a psychiatrist.Health Question & Answer

A psychological condition is not a habit. Your mind and body are reacting in an undesirable way. A psychologist will likely diagnose you with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as others have mentioned.

One standard treatment is to get a SAD light, which is a full spectrum light box. They can be costly, but are worth it in cases like yours that have a severe impact on your life.

Be sure that during fall and winter that you are getting lots of exercise and have a good friend or two to support and encourage you.

Please visit a mental health clinic or your doctor for an evaluation. Best wishes.Health Question & Answer

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