Has anyone been so depressed that they start self harming?!

Question: Has anyone been so depressed that they start self harming.?
yes - and if this is what you or a friend is doing please get some help. it may start off a a few scratches but it usually escalated into major damage.

i left it so long im cover in scars that im so ashamed to show. and i urge you to seek help before it gets out of hand.

i only say this because a close friend of my unintentionally committed suicide this way.....Health Question & Answer

i once snapped a CD and stabbed my self in the leg with it. but when ever i get down now i cry and bite my self. but the reason you do it is so you hurt some where Elec and you don't think about what is hurting you. i Lernt tho you get over things like that but when you stop thinking about what is bothering where you have harmed your self really hurts. so i would go out take a walk try and sort it if you want to change it most the time you can. believe in your self in every dark cloud there is a silver line in
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yes, ive been cutting for 4 years an im 17 now... its no big deall, every one with a mental disorder does something out of the ordinary like cutting, voilence, drugs, promiscues sex, suicide etc etc.. if u start doing those things, your past the line of just a little bit depression..Health Question & Answer

Yes. I was heavily involved with self-harming behaviour for years.
I finally took control of my life and stopped doing that.
My scars have healed up, but i am now left with alot of scarring on my arms and legs that is visble to every1.
I always get asked what happened and i tell the truth because its not a part of me anymore. It will always be there and always be a memory for me, but i am happy and healthy enough now to try help others out.

When ur in the mom tho, u dont care about ur body or what ur doin...ALl u care about is releasing that frustration or anger or crying out for help.
There are PLENTY of people out there that will help if u let them But more improtantly, look after yourself.
I cant tell u tpo stop coz wen ppl told me to stop its not that easy, but i can tel u that it is your decision and you can break free form it. I use to think it was somehting that would control my life forever, but now its in my past and an advantage for me to help others.
You can break free, you can find peace and happiness. Believe inyourself, reach out for help and dont be afraid to ask.
Take care of yourself tho.
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Yes, I've done it in the past. After a while tho I just stopped. I found just going for a walk or listening to music or just talking to one of ur friends helps the moment pass.Health Question & Answer

Yes, I used to scratchh or cut myself so deeply that you could almost see the bone
My husband (then fiance) caught me and took me to see someone
It helped but if I get really upset I know pull my hair outHealth Question & Answer

Yes - I used to self-harm. I was depressed at the time, but it was more of a way of releasing my anger and frustration.Health Question & Answer

I self harm, and I am not depressed.

When I self harm, it's due to anger.Health Question & Answer

I started seven and a half years ago, and I'm doing better, but the desire is still there.Health Question & Answer

yes depressed and very annoyed with myself so I took my frustration out on my own body but It does not help Health Question & Answer

Yeah.Health Question & Answer

YerHealth Question & Answer

yes, i self harm as a form of a releaseHealth Question & Answer

ij have.......Health Question & Answer

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