Clinical Psychologists , Psychologists ? is there a difference?!

Question: Clinical Psychologists , Psychologists .? is there a difference.?
Hi , i have searched for this answer on the internet and from other peoples questions.

I need a doctor that can prescribe medication, who do i see.?Health Question & Answer

Clinical psychologists and psychologists is the same but if what you mean instead of just psychologist is psychiatrists then they are not the same because psychiatrists are physicians with medical degrees. As such, they tend to focus on medication-based solutions, although some also provide psychotherapeutic services as well...While clinical psychologists often work in multidisciplinary teams with other professionals such as psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and social workers to bring a multimodal approach to complex patient problems..

If you are seeking for someone to prescribe you with medication then you must go to psychiatrists and not to psychologists..Health Question & Answer

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