How can i get out of my depression?!

Question: How can i get out of my depression.?
I am a 27 yr old and I have had bouts of depression all through my life.. my dad is bipolar so I know it is in my genetics.Took prozac 5 yrs ago no good... tried welburtin and topomax last year no good.. it seems like it always happens around this time of yr.. I read about exercising to help relieve the depression.. I am an elite athlete and I train 2x a day.. about 2-3 hrs daily.. Still doesn't help.. I work out in the morning and when im done all i want to do is sleep.. I have also been having episodes of binge eating which makes working out harder.. I am also 2 weeks late with my Period.. What is going on.?.?.? Health Question & Answer

Your best bet is going to see a doctor, but if you're hell bent on helping yourself, here is all I know:

I got sick of taking medication too, so I decided to try natural stuff. Look around google for the effects of fish oil and folic acid on depression. Maybe you can try it out and see what happens. Make sure you have a strict routine. Get up at the same times, go to bed at the same times, get the right amount of sleep, eat very healthy, keep exercising like you do and make sure you have enough time to relax. Get outside a few times a day. If this always happens to you around this time it could be reduced exposure to sunlight. Get out when the sun is high and bright. Keep social. Keep a few days a week open for an activity with a friend. If you can't stand anyone you know, sign up for a group fitness class or some other hobby you might enjoy so that you can meet new people. Try doing something for others to keep your mind off of yourself.
Organize your life. Take one day and clean the whole house, have everything in order. Schedule your days so you know mostly what to expect.
Take it easy on yourself. Don't give yourself a hard time if something doesn't work right away or the first time.
Don't lay down and give up. You can do this.

So much luck to you.Health Question & Answer

You need a complete health assessment, including a metabolic assessment, not just a mental-health checkup. I think you need to go to a doctor, explain what's going on and what hasn't worked. Then you need to find a med that works for you. You've tried three that didnt', but that doesn't mean nothing will. Ask your doctor about tricyclic antidepressants instead of SSRI's like Prozac. You have obsessive-compulsive issues as well as depression, and you're exhibiting phsyical stressors (lack of period) also.

Since you have bipolar disease in your family, there is a chance you have a brain disfunction. But you will not know unless you get a thorough and comprehensive medical assessment that looks for physical causes as well.
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It helps to get out of "me" and into "we". I've suffered from bipolarism/depression. I'm 47. I find I feel best when I'm helping other people and not left to my own devices, idly sitting around by myself.Health Question & Answer

I agree with the first answer see a mental health professional.
ball park.? It sounds like Situational Depression, you possibly have issues that began during this time of year.Health Question & Answer

See your psychologist or psychiatristHealth Question & Answer

go to church, establish a relationship with God.Health Question & Answer

see ur psychiatrist
i dont know the answerHealth Question & Answer

Hi hun ! XO
Here is some advice- hoping this helps XO
Of course there's the little things, like a solid sleeping schedule ( get @ least 8hrs ) and eating right , drinking lots of water and exercise ( which it sounds like you do ! ) But here are also some BIG things that I know have helped me in the past :

This one's the most important :
1) Set a long range goal - something that excites, or interests you . Aspire and train to take part in, and maybe even excel in that ( whether it be honing the skill for it or practicing it, etc. ) !

2) Each week, put yourself in the company of at least one trusted friend you can spend quality time with ( just as easily on the phone as in person. ) Knowing that someone is there for you, even in the smallest way, can make alot of difference. This could very well easily be a loyal, loving pet XO

3 ) Think back to your favorite sitcoms , series, or funny movies, ones that really put you in a lighthearted mood :) - If you have the cash to buy season one of that show go buy it, & enjoy ! - Before you go to bed each night, watch an episode of that show....
- That will not only will make you laugh but do wonders in soothing your subconcious XO

4) Find a leisure activity you could enjoy either by yourself, or even better with a friend - like going to see a ball game or going to the movies . Make sure you get out if not once a week at least a few times a month to soak in something that's really fun to you.

* HUGS *Health Question & Answer

I have also had bouts of depression throughout my life. In my genetics, too. Both of my grandmothers had bipolar disorder. My dad has depression really bad. I took lamicatal plus lexapro, to help stabilize my moods. It worked for me. I was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar. I don't take the medicines anymore, because a. I don't have insurance, and b. I don't really need it anymore. I get depression maybe once a week, that it mild. I also have more goal driven behavior (one of the symptoms of bipolar 2) it does not interfere with my life enough for me to really need help anymore. What I do right now, is I try to keep my stress level low, and eat healthy/exercise. I find that this works for me, but I don't think it works for everyone. In addition, one of the main reasons I was able to stop taking the meds is because I was/am really happy now because I am in love with a guy that I am married to now and have been for almost three years. Yay!Health Question & Answer


There may be a genetic link to bipolar, but genetics isn't everything.
The meds you listed are not the only ones they use for treatment of this. You may want to check the pharmy websites for some of the other names that are used. The Doctors do not know which ones will work on a particular person, so they have to try each one.

If your symptoms are worse this time of year you might have SAD, seasonal affective disorder. My mother and my son have it. I got *light boxes* for both of them and it help them a lot.

For the missing period, you may want to talk to your doctor. Cessation of periods is a usual occurrence with female athletes, but you may want to ask to be sure. Health Question & Answer

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