Does smoking cigarettes cause depression?!

Question: Does smoking cigarettes cause depression.?
I've looked at the studies and I don't understand them, can you give me a non biochem or very simple explanation.Health Question & Answer

Yes cigarette smoke can be linked with depression. Nicotine is a drug that is a stimulant actually, not a depressant. People who are already depressed sometimes turn to drugs including cigarettes when they are in a low mood, since stimulants tend to increase your self esteem and help you feel better momentarily. People addicted to cigarettes who become depressed mostly have a strong psychological dependence to the drug and when they are not smoking often have feelings of depression because they are not on the drug. also, most drugs reduce levels of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that causes happiness. A reduction in serotonin can lead to depression.Health Question & Answer

I have never heard of a link between cigarettes and depression however a lot of people who suffer with depression do seem to smoke heavily. It is know that smoking reduces your vitamin C levels and it also uses up oxygen in the body which must starve the brain of vital oxygen and smoking will increase the likelihood of wrinkles in old age.Health Question & Answer

The nicotine in cigarettes is a stimulant, and it works as an *anti*-depressant. So the answer is, no, it does not, smoking has the opposite effect. However, as someone pointed out, *withdrawal* from nicotine can cause depression. Back when I smoked, I used to get little mood swings -- up one day, down the next -- that went away completely when I stopped.Health Question & Answer

I have never heard of a link between cigarettes and depression although smoking can make you feel lousy in general as it deprives you of oxygen and causes all kinds of health problems. I could see it causing anxiety as it raises the heart rate and interferes with proper breathing.
BUTT OUT.. Health Question & Answer

erm i dunno maybe. i mean, if youre poor and smoke then i guess it can cos it makes you skint. but if youre super rich then i dont think it can so much. i dont think it definitely does cause it in all cases thoHealth Question & Answer

Cigarettes contain drugs therefore you will have a "downer" and will be depressed.Health Question & Answer


But it can cause anxiety due to wanting the fix constantly.Health Question & Answer

They do if you're addicted and cant have one for some reason.

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yeh coz u get a small brain high of the nicotine and wen u come of that u get deprssed coz its gone...Health Question & Answer

yes... dont smokeHealth Question & Answer

i think so a little bit !!Health Question & Answer

yeh coz they giv u lung cancer and addictive which means u keep on wanting themHealth Question & Answer

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