Why can't I remember some parts of my life?!

Question: Why can't I remember some parts of my life.?

I have no clue what happened last year... or the year before that... or... sometimes I have illusions about what happened. I don't know what's happening... it's strange, and I just want to change things.
The good things I can't remember, the bad things: yes, without a doubt. How can I remember everything.? Good and Bad... or FORGET everything.? help me... I think there's something in my past that my subconscious is purposely blocking out... could it be possible.? (yeah, a bit paranoid...)Health Question & Answer

i do that and then fill them in the gaps with stuff i make up
it's not like i know im making it up
i just do it
like that
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You might want to see a professional to help you with this, it's very unusualHealth Question & Answer

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