Can you help, i am struggling to find a reason?!

Question: Can you help, i am struggling to find a reason.?
I am struggling today, i can't see the point anymore. I have low self esteem, anxiety and depression. I have been seeing my nurse for 6 months now and although i have improved slightly i am having a very low week. I saw my nurse yesterday and i normally come out feeling motivated but yesterday i came out feeling worse.
I have no parent support and i hate them, i have to put on a brave face at work as i have only just returned back and i have no friends who i can confide in. Does anyone know how the hell i can get myself out of this mood.?
I don't know why i am feeling like this, i guess i am very lonely and the only person who is my friend is my nurse but i feel she is getting sick of me now. If i try to do anything positive i have very strong negative thoughts which make me self harm or not get out of bed.
I cry when i have to get up because i cannot bear to face anything, i just don't want to face the world. So any suggestions.? I can't go out of the house because of the anxiety so the only thing i can think of doing is going back to bed so i can sleep for a few days. I want to text my nurse and say i am feeling like this but i am scared it will make her hate me even more.Health Question & Answer

I think you should really tell your nurse how you're feeling. Your anxiety might be making you feel like she hates you, when in reality she really wants to help. That's what she's there for after all! If you don't speak to her then she won't know what's wrong, so texting her is a great idea. 'Hate' is such a strong word - I assure you that she wouldn't feel this. You have to try and stop thinking negatively, she isn't getting sick of you because she cares. Tell her how you feel and let her tell you that! Things will get better once you get this off your chest.
also, I know it's hard for you at the moment but self harm really won't help you, it'll just make things worse and will stop you from actually getting to the route of your problems because you'll be thinking that the short-term physical pain will make it all go away. It will go into a vicious circle if you don't stop this, try distracting yourself from it.
also, give yourself goals. When you're lying in bed just think 'You know what, I will get up today. I'll go to work, say hello to at least one person and come home happy.' I know that sounds like it's impossible, but by setting yourself targets things may get a little easier for you.
So, to generalize I've just wrote... Speak to your nurse! Good luck!Health Question & Answer

i hope you get better soon.i was like you about 5 years ago. i used to take to my bed. best thing is to ask your docter for prozac and instead off taking to bed. do about 30 mins of execise. take omega 3 and 6 fishoils good lucklHealth Question & Answer

Depression is awful and as you have discovered there can be setbacks on the road to recovery. Perhaps you might benefit short-term from medication as well as Counselling.? This will be easier for you if you can talk to someone other than your Nurse you can trust, perhaps a close relative other than your parents.? The negative self-talk is the easiest part to deal with - simply challenge the negativity and replace the 'tape' with something more positive. It might seem strange but if you do it each time you have a negative thought you'd be surprised how quickly it becomes automatic to think positively instead of negatively. I don't expect your Nurse hates you or is fed up with you, that's more negativaty because of how low you are feeling. As bad as you are feeling, this will pass and things will get better. Exercise releases natural feel-good hormones, Endorphins, in the brain and costs nothing, and will also help improve your self-esteem. However, unless you ask for the help and support you need no-one will know how you're feeling and have the opportunity to help. I wish you better emotional health. :0)Health Question & Answer

Your nurse isn't getting sick of you it's just you thinking that way cuz you're depressed. Just try going out even if it Is by yourself and buy some make-up and new clothes. I'm sure you're very cute and some cute guy is definitely going to notice you. Just try not to look too upset. And as for all those negative feelings of yours just know it's just YOU making yourself feel this way and only YOU have the power to change that. I know it's easier said than done but once you get the hang of it their will be No stopping you. Try to ignore all the bad feelings and understand that that's your "bad side" trying to get you down (or if you're religious, the Devil...) I know it's hard but you gotta get yourself up and going. What i thought really helped Me when I was feeling that way was Forcing myself to get up and get in the shower, after the shower i was already feeling a little bit better. Then you can clean up your room, throw away things you don't need anymore and What Helped Me The MOST Was Cutting Pictures And Putting Them On My Wall!!!! You HAVE to Try That! It helps you pass the time and makes your room more "You". Make a collage on your wall of all the pictures you like from magazines and newspapers and wherever else you can find cool interesting pics from. I really hope you feel better. I Hope this helps you even if just a little bit.Health Question & Answer

The meaning of life is to live... think about all of your friends, your family, the people most important to you... how would they feel if you were gone. Stop wasting your life away worrying about the future, and do what makes you happy. There will never be any reason to give up, no matter how terrible life seems.Health Question & Answer

I'd say you are suffering from the holiday depression that strikes a lot of people this time of year. I am happily married with a beautiful daughter and the other day we were walking through a store and when I heard "I'll be Home for Christmas", I started to cry. I think it has to do with the fact that holidays make you subconsciencely think of loved ones that are no longer with us from our childhood. After all, the main theme every year at the holidays is the fact of how many memories we have of Holidays past. So, maybe realizing that, you'll understand why you are unhappy and then remember something positive about those no longer in your life and be grateful that you knew them and got to be known and loved by them. That should cheer you up, it works for me. That, plus looking at who you have in your life that does matter nowadays. Trust me, she is probably not sick of you, she just feels bad that she can't cheer you up. Tell her she IS the person that means the most to you now and I'm sure she will feel honored.Health Question & Answer

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