I havent been able to sleep in about 4 days now!?!

Question: I havent been able to sleep in about 4 days now!.?
In the past 4 days i havent slept at all, and i would like to sleep as it is a very important thing for someone to do lol. Just recently this chick who i had been seeing for about 2 months now.

Suddenly decided not to see me anymore. Im just going to bed now trying to sleep and nothings working.

Im up for anything you folks suggest.Health Question & Answer

This sounds as if you have become depressed and anxious. Every city has a crisis hotline, they are staffed with professionals that you can talk to and they can refer you to help. I would go to the emergency room as this is a crisis they will help you there. You cannot go any longer without sleep. It is extremely dangerous.Health Question & Answer

Your probably thinking too much. I haven't been able to sleep on some nights when I have a alot to think about (especially when its women). Try exercising during the day, and don't go on the computer or watch TV before going to sleep. The TV and computer can prevent your mind from winding down. Instead drink some decaf tea and listen to some calm music. Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

it's possible that, along with other symptoms, you could be bipolar. see a mental health professional to get evaluated for other symptoms. it's a sneaky disorder. Health Question & Answer

I have bi polar disorder and htis is how I am when I am up... you could have a milder form (there are a few types of bipolar) mind you it could just be stress, my advice is to get tot the docsHealth Question & Answer

Go out and exercise. Ride a bike for an hour. Walk really fast for an hour. Jog if you can do that. Go swimming. Exercise will make your body tired and you will sleep even if your mind is reeling. Health Question & Answer

do exercise,got dumped by a guy and i did exercise a lot to relieve stress and keep my heart pumping,it relieves the tensionHealth Question & Answer

You said anything, so get some weed, preferably chronic, roll a big fatty, toke it till it's gone, sleep like a baby the whole night throughHealth Question & Answer

Yes you can, don't exaggerate. You've slept, you're just having trouble. You'll get over it.Health Question & Answer

stop thinking about stuff, sounds like there is too much going on in your head, try to take over the counter sleeping pill, relax and get some zzzzzHealth Question & Answer

BenadrylHealth Question & Answer

just sleepHealth Question & Answer

try drinking xanac or take a teaHealth Question & Answer

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