I am fed up with living...Help? ?!

Question: I am fed up with living...Help.? .?
I have such a boring listless life. It seems like there should be more than this. I go to school every single day where I walk through the halls unfazed by all of the people around me. I have few friends and the ones that I do have are wrapped up in their own eventful lives to notice my misery. Then I come home and go to my room where I do boring homework and then go online where the most excitement in my life takes place.

My teenage years were supposed to be filled with fun. I was supposed to experience love. I was supposed to have a drama-filled life with plenty of interesting things to do and go to football games and hook up with boys. But a boy has never given me a second glance. I am so so so fed up with my life.

Please convince me that I have a reason to live...Health Question & Answer

I think that there are tons of people in the world who would love to trade places with you.

You get to go to school. You get to have clothes, you get to eat, you have opportunities.

You are lucky to have been born in the United States. You are free.

Unfortunately, many people think that life is what they see on television, full of drama and excitement. Those moments are few and far between.

High school is so different than college. All the little clickish petty childish crap is gone. Everyone is WAY more mature. Especially at a community college. The teachers/professors treat you like an adult, not a kid.

But ultimately, everything is up to you. Are you lazy.? Do you just expect life to come to you.? Make your own luck, make your own excitement. Join an exercise class, join a club, join a gym. Go to the movies. Keep doing your homework. Most boys your age are dumb. They are being driven crazy by their hormones and are cruel to people to protect their own insecurity.

I suggest trying something new, even if for a few weeks. Take a karate class, or join the gym. Don't be lazy.

Good luck to you.

JamesHealth Question & Answer

How old are you.?.? You're life starts AFTER you graduate from highschool. You're not the only one who is feeling like this. Believe me, most people experience what you are feeling right now. My mom was super strict with me, i had no social life.When i turned 18, i left home and went to college and met so many wonderful people and partied so hard, i even met my husband in college lol you're life hasn't begun yet. don't worry. just be patient.Health Question & Answer

I feel like this sometimes to, i get so bored of being stuck at school all day then comming home to a load of coursework.

think positively and make more of an effort.
try to get out more and you will see what life has to offer you.

Smiling makes you happier :)

xxxHealth Question & Answer

you should maybe eat ice cream then go see a movie then you definetly need to see a theraapist or a counselor because it could be a health problem or it could be a heterty disease!!!! DO EVERYTHING IN YOU DAY BACKWARDS IT WILL FEEL DIFFERENT BUT YOU WILL BE DOING THE SAME THING PLUS IT WILL HELP YOU ADAPT TO A NEW SITUATION!!!Health Question & Answer

change your styl eup or something.
if u feel like your stuck in the same boring pattern EVERY SINGLE DAY then change something.
-talk to new people
-do a style change
-join a new club

u have a reason to live.
Health Question & Answer

Listen I know exactly how you feel but you
You definitely have a reason to live.
If you didn't have a reason to live you wouldn't have been gaven your life in the first place.
You obviously have a purpose to life... everyone does. And you will find that purpose eventually.
Trust me.
I really don't like people to be upset with their lives.
As for the other stuff, I do know how you feel.
I'm a teenager too and I feel the same way.
Some days I just seem "unphased" by people around me as well.
My friends are all wrapped up with their lives and complaining how miserable there's are too.
I understand they might be unhappy and try to help them but they take no time to realize that they should be thankful with the problems they have in their lives compared to some things I have going on.
What you need to realize though is just because people don't seem to pay you much attention, they really do care and I have learned that.
No one wants you to be upset with your life and there are so many people who care about you.
Maybe try and just ask someone close to you if you can talk to them.
Maybe once you let your emotions out you'll feel a lot better.
Please just do not think you have no reason to live.
Everyone does.
Trust me it will get better.Health Question & Answer

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