Do you get scared at night time?!

Question: Do you get scared at night time.?
Im just curious, because every night when I go to bed I get so worried and anxious. I think I hear noises downstairs and get ,yself into a nervous wreck thinking people have broken in and are gonna hhurt me and my family. I dont sleep alone, my partner is always next to me and my mum lives with us too. I hate this how do I get over it.? And am I the only person like this or do you do this too.?Health Question & Answer

Fortunately i don't find it too worrying as i live in a high raised block of flats and hear noises all of the time they're just normal to me.

The only advice i could give really would be to just try and cuddle up to your partner and feel safe in their arms, or be one of those people that wakes them up to make them have a look, i'm sthat'sat'd be fun =P.

Or you could try ear plugs of some sort, or even just listening to your IPod until you fall asleep, or with the TV on.

The way i got over something similar was forcing your mind to an alternative explanation such as.... could just be the wind or, it's my imagination stop worrying.

Sorry if this doesn't help much, all the bestHealth Question & Answer

Everyone ruminates and worries more at night. Your brain has nothing to focus on as you drift off to sleep so you start to imagine all sorts of scenarios going on.
You have to "completely let go" when you go to bed, force yourself not to think about the things that are gonna upset you. The fact you live with 2 other ppl is great, let the fact that they are there protect you at night.
Put some of your fave music on till you drop off or try a herbal sleeping tablet to take the edge off it.Health Question & Answer

YES! I get scared every night! I'm 25 and for as long as I can remember I hear bumps and noises. I'm most terrified that people are in the roof or somewhere in my house. Sometimes my cat seems to see and hear things too. I live on my own but sometimes I get so scared I have to get my neighbour to come round and check things out with me. My house has been broken into a couple of times and this really hasn't helped the paranoia, I didn't think other people got scared too tho!Health Question & Answer

yes! god i thought i was the only one. i always think there is someone in my room about to stab me. It starts off with just a thought, like..what if. Then i can picture it in my laying and a person leaning over me. then i can actually feel the persons presence and it really creeps me out. It happens every frekin night..I get over it by sleeping with a light on my phone..not too light but enough to make me feel safe. I also turn the light off then wait a few secconds then turn it back on again..that actually becomes addictive so dont do it ( i do it 3 times each night..and i have a toutch lamp with 3 can imaginge how long it takes!). Just remind yourself that whatever youve seen on tv is fictional and that what are the chances of a robber choosing your suburb of all the suburbs, your street of allt he streets, your house, your bedroom, a night and time that you are home.? and even if all of that happens, its like..less than 50% chance that hel hurt you, dont worry the odds are in your favour!Health Question & Answer

I know how you feel. I'm like that every night, too. So what I do is put my fav CD on and listen to the words of the songs and fall asleep to that. Since my CD player turns off automatically after a certain period of time. You should try this. Ask your partner first if they don't mind! It would be kinda bad if they didn't know and couldn't sleep because of the music or something. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Sometimes when it's dark and I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it's a bit scary. Because I can't put the lights on because I don't want to wake up my parents, it makes me a bit paranoid.Health Question & Answer

I use to be scared but not anymore... i watch tv and keep me occupied till i fall should do that too, watch tv, listen to music or radio and do it till you fall asleep and you won't be scared..Health Question & Answer

Ahha when i go to sleep I think i hear noises all the time.. and i constantly hear cars stopping, and footsteps coming up the stairs, but when i look.. nothing there. I think its my conscience that makes the sounds.. dang conscience :lHealth Question & Answer

i use to have that problem two then my dad told me to listen to my radio or ipod or tv or something to block the Noise and it really works try it
good luckHealth Question & Answer

only if i go out side for any reason i always seem to get spooked if i heard a noise and i'd have to get back inside very quick ! ,then again i'm a very paranoidHealth Question & Answer

Yes i do expereince that also.But it is psycolgical mate.wheneve i watch tv i usualy turn back to see if there is someone behing meHealth Question & Answer

I was afraid of the dark as a Little kid but of your over 12 and still deal with that you got some serious issues woman :) Health Question & Answer

rarely,everything is 24h now,good distractors.Health Question & Answer

i do too. dont worry, Health Question & Answer

i used to be like that....but i got over it.........i'm tired of being scared every night...........Health Question & Answer

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