Why am i so forgetfulall the time?!

Question: Why am i so forgetfulall the time.?
well i am 13 years old and i am always forgeting to do stuff like taking home homework doing my homework or brushing my teeth stuff i do like on a daily basis mosly at school i have organization problems always losing stuff i have a bad past when i was 4 months old i got hit in the had with a glass beer bottle mt mom did it and my mom was on drugs and drinkn when i was born and inside of her so i think that is what causd it i have ADHD and i dont take meds because they make me depressed and i am already depressed i think i might have bipolarmy mom had schizophrenia and i got taken away when i was 2 anywy to hlp improve my memory at al any certain foods i should eatHealth Question & Answer

From all the things you mentioned in your family, I hope you've had a doctor evaluate you. It might also help to talk with your teacher about being evaluated by an educational psychologist.

Part of it, though, is your age, because your brain and your body are still developing, which can have an effect on your memory and concentration. And at your age, lots of kids have normal stresses with school, activities, whether you fit in with the others, etc. In your case, it sounds like you a lot of other stresses and worries in your life. All of these things can distract your concentration and affect your memory.

See if you can find a time and place each day that you can enjoy for you alone or with other friends, and where you can relax; get some exercise and eat as healthy a diet as you can (avoid sugar as much as you can); develop a system to remind you to do certain things each day, like a calendar or to do list.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

eat more natural fat like salmon, coconut oil, avocados. im sure your diet is affecting your memory and your outlook and energy level. keep researching for more info.Health Question & Answer

Well, for me these work, so you might want to try it.
1) Try foods rich in magnesium (like soy based products)
2) get enough sleep
3) List the things you need to do.
4) Maybe, you're just too distracted with a lot of things that's why you forget the little things.

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