How long before i feel better from lamictal?!

Question: How long before i feel better from lamictal.?
I've been dealing with depression (or possibly bi-polar disorder) most of my life and i was on lamictal in the past. I don't remember how long it took but i remember it working.
i've been back on for 3 weeks and i'm still in a terrible down swing. crying all the time and feeling generally miserable. I'm taking atovan for the big freak out moments, but that's not even working right now.
should i be feeling better.? Health Question & Answer

Sometimes it takes time for the meds to kick in. I'm sorry you're down right now. I remember some advice that was given me that I will share coz it helps me. A man once told me :"When you are not feeling normal, DO something normal and you will start to feel more normal". It really works!

If your meds don't seem to be working in the next week, check in with your doctor.

Wishing you the best.Health Question & Answer

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