Why should i contiune living?!

Question: Why should i contiune living.?
Im 16 and i have OCD and Depression i cant attend school.I can barely leave the house.I have no friends.Im fat and ugly as hell.No guy will ever want me My mom and sister are drug addicts.My dads all i have and hes hardly ever home.I have no other family.Life is really horrible.I just want to end it all.IM going threw all this pain just to die.I don't know if ill ever be normal.Living just seems useless.Iv taken meds nothing works iv been in therapy it doesn't work.Im on a endless path to nowhere.Why should i live.?Health Question & Answer

You should continue living because suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Keep up with the psych treatment - therapy and meds. Be sure you're going to good providers and not people who will just throw some drugs at you and tell you to come back in a couple months. Physicians who really know what they're doing. Change docs if you need to.

It will get better. Unless you off yourself, then it'll never get better.Health Question & Answer

Most people hit a bump in the road where they feel as though they have nothing to live for. You cant be like those other people who took their own life because of hard times. The truth is, people CAN NOT govern themselves. This is why we need someone greater to put our hope in. If you haven't tried God as your savior, then you might as well decide to have a relationship with him. Perhaps you do have a relationship with God, but you still feel suicidal, well this determines your strength. Doesn't it bother you to know if you will wake-up in a dark place if you died by you own hand.? If you don't choose hope, well then you wont have NOTHING to live for. Hey honey, just listen to this song... it helped me, and i put it on youtube .?v=ry6udsW9leA&feature=channel_page" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch.?v=ry6udsW9l...Health Question & Answer

Please go to my site :) I have met alot of great people and they have helped me out when times are tough. I can feel the pain you are going through and rest assured God will give you the strength you need :) Just ask him and feel free to contact me. Love, JTHealth Question & Answer

you'd be surprised but lot's of people experienced this when they were teenagers. It hormonal and you take everything too close to heart.
You can make friends if you really try.
It's all in your head, just get rid of it.Health Question & Answer

please, dont say that about yourself. get out there and find someone, there is ALWAYS someone. even if you have to find an online friend, please, do. just someone.

life is worth living. <3Health Question & Answer

When you're 30 yrs old you'll be happy you didn't let your depression control your path.Health Question & Answer

just hang in there, talk to your parents or someone who you can trust.Health Question & Answer

Keep living, go to Church and listen to Better In Time Leona Lewis.Health Question & Answer

I don't see how this is a reason to die.Health Question & Answer

just take it one day at a time you'll be ok.Health Question & Answer

Wow! I feel really bad for you. I guess, try to think of any little thing that is good in your life. Like maybe your dad isnt home very much, but you DO have him.......I'm sure you can think of somebody else in the world who cares about you too. Make sure you talk to God about it. He can be the bestest best friend you ever had and can give you strength to keep going. Remember that you are a special person..... You deserve to live and have a good life.... some people go through harder things in life than others, but maybe someday you will be able to help somebody else because of what you have been through.
Hang in there......Health Question & Answer

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