When I tried telling my doctor how I felt mentally he didn't want to listen...why would anyone do that?!?!

Question: When I tried telling my doctor how I felt mentally he didn't want to listen...why would anyone do that.?!.?
I went to my doctor because I was hitting rock bottom. I wasn't eatting and sleeping and felt sick both mentally and physically. I knew I needed help and went. I wrote out a long letter to him. I was going to let him read it whenever he wanted. I told him there is too much to say and I literally can't speak it or I will cry and it wouldn't make any sense. He said to me "I don't want to hear it" I was shocked by what he said. I went to him for help and that is all I got from him. Before I left I showed him my arm, THEN HE WENT OH WAIT...YOU NEED HELP. WTF...SERIOUSLY...I never got to a therapist yet, I'm going don't worry. I just can't believe a doctor would do that. I guess he figured once a doctor told me I'm fine, I would believe it and move on and get better on my own.?%3Health Question & Answer

If you're a cutter then you most definately need help and the first step is the hardest. Don't give up because you had a doctor with cold bedside manners. That is really not unusual, since they are stressed out as well. Some don't let themselves get too involved with their patients either.

You pay them and you have a right to ask questions or tell them what's bothering you.Their job is to listen and then respond with the best diagnosis.Health Question & Answer

In my experience there are to kinds of doctors, the ones that love their job and care about the people that they treat, and then there are those doctors that only care about themselves and are in it only for the money. I am going to college to become a Healthcare Administrator so that I can make sure people get doctors who care about their patient's and know what their doing. Find a new doctor right away, you be better off in the future.Health Question & Answer

He must be going through a divorce or something.

Seriously. I know doctors can sometimes be arrogant, but he's ridiculous.

Despite all of his training, feel free to evaluate him just as you evaluate anybody else. If he makes you feel terrible, find somebody else. Trust your instincts. You're right. He was wrong.Health Question & Answer

He is nut case! Find another doctor or therapist ASAP ;) Sorry to hear you had to deal with that idiot! Best of luck in the future...
I just had a psychiatrist tell me I had a deformed face.? All I can say is that Darwin does not weed some people out fast enough.?Health Question & Answer

Seriously, you need to find another doctor. If a doctor will not help you when you are telling him how you feel then he is not really listening to you. Get a second opinion quickly.Health Question & Answer

You need to report that so call doctor to the medical board. If you feel that you can't cause you feel fear. Tell a therapist as soon as possible. Go to your county mental health center they can provide you with counseling.Health Question & Answer

WOW HE IS HORRIBLE.. trust me there are way better doctors then him.. i understand how youre feeling bc i feel the same way you definitly need a new doctor.. try a therapist instead of this guy he is a shame.. he shouldnt be a doctorHealth Question & Answer

Virtually no doctor is interested in psychological issues. See a therapist.Health Question & Answer

You do need to go to a different doctor.
My first thought was are you a female.? Sometimes male doctors cannot relate to women.Health Question & Answer

Go to a different doctor.

Dont forget, doctors are people too.

Maybe he is just an *** hole.Health Question & Answer

Change your doctor; no one should be treated like that. He is a disgraceHealth Question & Answer

i dont know the doctor but he should not have said that and he should be ashamed. doctors take an oath to help everyone.Health Question & Answer

did you tell him what it was about or just say you had a letter to give him.?Health Question & Answer

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