Avoidant personality disorder...?!

Question: Avoidant personality disorder....?
Recently, a friend of mine showed me defence skills taught to him by his dad who works at Rampton Secure Hospital. That got me interested, and I started reading about it on wikipedia [not the most reliable of sources, but I like it anyway], I was reading about personality disorders, when I realised that avoidant personality disorder sounded like me. It's not like it's severe, but I'm 16, and personality disorders develop in late teens to early adulthood.
To back why I think it's possible that I may be developing AvPD, I have never really been good at making friends, and have grown up with the stigma of being that tall, half-scottish, part german lad with a funny voice/accent that hates people who say hello to me. In year 9, after my dyslexic friend was asked to leave my school, I managed to succesfully cut myself off from everyone with a cold, hostile barrier. But then some people sort of looked past my faults and became my friends. However, I've never felt like I socially fit in. Just recently at one of my friend's 16th party, I felt excluded and that I thought on a total different wavelength to everyone else. As a consequence, I ended up downing several litres of cheap cider in 10 minutes and had to be looked after for hours while I sobered.
The only social event where I actually feel comfortable are metal gigs, in the mosh pit. It's just got that close-knit community feel to it, rather than realising how many people are my friends' friends and their friends.
What on earth do I do to feel less socially inhibited, and how on earth do I get people to drop old stigma and let me be normal, before it gets worse.?

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My advice would be to visit your GP and tell them all this, tell them you think you may have APD, and ask to be referred to a psychiatrist for an assessment. In the meantime, you might find it useful to read some of the messages on this board to see if you relate to the people on there

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