I need advise or help on how I feel about things?!

Question: I need advise or help on how I feel about things.?
Basically, I'm over 30 yrs old, and I stilll live with my parents. I've lost the desire of moving away to other places like I used to in the past. Its not in me anymore. Maybe I've lost the strength or feeling, I just don't know what's bothering me.

Since I don't work, my parents and relatives have the opportunity to gossip about me, make fun of me, intimidate me, etc.

I can't get myself out of bed in the mornings and waste my whole day by just sleeping or watcing t.v. I've lost interest in everything I used to love before, even sports.

I've also started hating everyone I used to like before because of things I don't have in life i.e. wife, job, stable life, a good smile, etc.

What can I do to help myself or the way I feel.?Health Question & Answer

Wow... that's pretty deep. Well before you get into the big, complex issues like employment and financial independence, you need to focus first on your immediate surroundings. If people are disrespecting you, you need to stand up for yourself. You will be able to do a better job of that if you develop a plan for yourself and know that you're NOT someone who's worthy of ridicule.

As for your social life, sometimes withdrawing happens for a reason. You need to focus on you for a bit. Don't be content with laziness... you need to demand more of yourself, and I think you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question.

Take stock of your attributes, your strengths, talents, job history, education, etc... and figure out what's a good way for you to go. If you're growing physically unfit, work on that as much as possible. This is a tough time to be unemployed, but even working at a burger joint is better than nothing. If you think you can do bette,r then do better. But don't do nothing.

The only thing that will make you feel better is action. Action, action, action. So long as you're living so passively, you have to live with no sense of pride or accomplishment, and you'll never get any respect from others or from yourself in the form of self-respect. So my advice is to put all that free time to good use and get moving! Be a man with a plan, not a guy on the couch. :)Health Question & Answer

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