Help. I think I'm a freak.?!

Question: Help. I think I'm a freak..?
Okay, so I've been liking this guy for about 2 weeks now. We never officially talked, but we say hi to each other and our friends are friends and we eat lunch together sometimes.
I know, typical teenage girl crushing on a guy she's never even talked to.
But anyway I found out a few hours ago that he liked me too when he asked me out. Dream come true, right.?
All of a sudden, I don't like him anymore. I'd like to say that I'm very insightful, and I think the reason why I rejected him is because I see him completely different and in my mind I'm thinking, "Oh, he likes me. That must mean there's something wrong with him."
Don't laugh, I'm serious.
This happens all the time though, I never like the guys who like me back. And I do like myself, so I'm at a loss.
Is there something psychologically I can do to stop this pattern.? Before I'm forced into bestiality.?
Ok, ew. Sorry about that last part but I'm deserate here!Health Question & Answer

MM, you have to set requirement for a relationship. Meaning, honesty, respect, accountability and so forth. I don't think that you know what you really want in a guy and it freaking you out. The important thing here for you is to know who you are and how you want to be treated. If you feel all the guys out there are out for something from you then you will most likely be alone. You can't find something you are looking for if you don't know what you are looking for.Health Question & Answer

Umm, This has happened to me.
This happened because the boy "who you were crushing on" had never spoke a word to you. He seems like the boy you'll never get, and your mind loves that fact. Most people, like myself, try to get something that seems impossible to get. And if it seems like that I'm gonna get it, I'm no longer interested in it.
It's just your mind wanting a little chase.Health Question & Answer

you just like the idea that you cant have him and that just makes you want him even more. then once you have him you lose your infatuation because you do have him.

you just want what you cant have,lots of people are like that. Dont worry you will grow out of thisHealth Question & Answer

Lol. Ur probably just too sensitive, maybe kinda shy. If its serious though, and u really have a big problem with this, u might have depression. If u keep thinking ur a freak, even when ur not, I'll brain will make u beleive it. So just think positive, ask the guy out, trust me ull make his day! ;)Health Question & Answer

you like the chase more then the catch, simple as that.
you enjoy fantisising over people you can't have,
grabbing for something you can't reach.
where else is this appearing in your life.?

ask yourself if you would be more happy catching that star, or wishing on the falling one so to speak. Maybe try going out with him...maybe your thoughts will change once you get to know him a bit better =)

Im really metophorical, but i think you see my point.Health Question & Answer

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