How can i tell if i am stressed out?..... Help ME!!!!!!!?!

Question: How can i tell if i am stressed out.?..... Help ME!!!!!!!.?
Ok i am been getting sweats,agitated feeling,shaky hands,short fuse and anytime i walk into the door from school or work my Gf tells me i am stressed and need to go see a Doctor but i am not shure what to do please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!11Health Question & Answer

Jeez - I swore I'd ignore these homework questions - but this one's different somehow ...

First of all, don't let your gf declare what you are feeling. Ignore that - it just leads to stress LOL. Only you know what you are 'feeling' - well, you AND your brain.. If your gut and your brain says you are stressed, then you are stressed.

Here is my suggestion as to how to control your gut's and your brain's control of whether or not you must feel stressed [it's slightly harder than ignoring your gf, but combined with ignoring her, it's highly effective]

Your gut speaks from your physiology and may be complaining to you about poor diet and/or not enough rest. Listen to it and correct as necessary for the best physiological health. Body and mind needs overlap - adequate rest and nutrition are foremost here.

Your brain is smart and the mind component of your brain may well TRY to tell you any crazy damn thing! I say that sort of facetiously - what I mean is that once you know that your brain's phisiological needs are met [previous paragraph] you can ignore and or control any crazy, unproductive thing your mind is telling you - such as about whether or not you are stressed or whether you should listen to your gf about your own personal mental health [um, NO] - as well as other mind-influenced suggestions that may or may not be true - and judging the validity of those things are within your control.

This is a huge oversimplification of how I see what you're dealing with. When I say 'brain' I am talking about the involuntary functions the brain controls [such as breathing] as opposed to what the 'mind' part of your brain 'interprets' - a voluntary thing. 'Mind' is a component of your brain that is influenced by outside factors [like your gf, if you listen to her, myths, moronic parental admonitions, nonsensical rules], unlike your brain's involuntary functions, which even your gf cannot control - such as your taking your next breath.

So, to avoid the feeling of stress, listen to your brain's message that you may need to adjust your lifestyle [rest! eat well! and maintain an otherwise orderly and responsible life so as not to burden the highly sensitive mind which believes and cringes when you mutter to yourself that you are just not 'trying' hard enough]

Then realize that the mind [which is the voluntary part of your brain - influenced by such things as body chemistry which may be imbalanced from poor nutrition, lack of rest or lethal gf input] ] can try to play silly tricks on you, such as trying to convince you that you are stressed because your gf said so or because you told yourself that you could try harder but you're failing to do so.

Considering all this please now see that, REALLY, YOU CAN CONTROL IT ALL! Try to do this before you go to the doctor for drugs that really don't do half the job that you could do yourself if you control you own mind - and that your gf will probably just steal.Health Question & Answer

Take up Yoga or just some simple stretching also try drinking tea-it really helpsHealth Question & Answer

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