Was anybody else like this?!

Question: Was anybody else like this.?
i'm a kid. and i just want to get it being a kid over with but never think of the future. it seems like i think this is it like i'm a kid and that's it. i wont be alive after this. and i wish i could get being a kid over with faster. was anyone else like this.? i don't know why i think like this. i'm only 13. sorry if this question is like really weird and hard to understand i just want to know if anyone else was like this.Health Question & Answer

i'm 15. and i wish i could be a kid again. i know what you mean tho and i used to think like that too. i didn't really have a childhood and i think i forced myself to grow up too quickly.

you should enjoy being 13 and don't worry about the future too much until you have to ;)

xxHealth Question & Answer

Yes I was like you when I was younger, so much that I even liked older men and I mean older men.

I don't know if you have noticed but time is going very very fast for some reason and before you know it you will be older than you are now.

If it helps mix with your Seniors, you are already doing the right thing by coming on yahoo.

I am 36 and still get jealous of the senior citizens and I know I can't beat them so I join them and what a joy it is to be around them.

If you want you can play out the mature part and i'm saying this because the fact that you want to be older could mean that you already have a mature mind.

There is nothing wrong with pretending until it happens.Health Question & Answer

I used to feel like that too when I was in my teen years. Trust me don't rush your life. Try to enjoy the moment, this is a very important time in your life,it is a time of discovery and maturity. Just slow down and enjoy it while it lasts because some day you will look back and wonder where all the years have gone. I am only 27, but I am married with three children and the responsibilities are endless. Bills, cooking supper, washing clothes all day everyday and the whole nine. Sometimes being grown up isn't all that fun. JusHealth Question & Answer

Of course, the teenage years feel like they are taking forever. I dont know who hasnt felt this way. Now I am in my 30's and I look back and cant believe life has gone by so fast. Trust me, try to enjoy being a kid and soon enough you will be stressed out with work, college, money & tons of responsabilty.
And believe me, there is life after being a "kid". Being a kid is just the beginning, there is so much more to enjoy & do as the years go by.Health Question & Answer

you are very young and if i were you i would enjoy it i used to feel the same way too but now im 17 years and im going to be 18 soon and i actually asked myself what happend to all those years.? it went by fast now i have responsibilities and wish to be younger again cuz in 7 months im off to college a new world ya knowHealth Question & Answer

Yes, there were times when I wish I could just start working and get a place of my own. But it was a short phase. But now I am 47 y.o., and wouldn't mind being a kid again :-)Health Question & Answer

hey, it is okay to feel this way take it easy on yourself when you are older you sometimes you want to be a kid again

enjoyHealth Question & Answer

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