Am i depressed? What should i do?!

Question: Am i depressed.? What should i do.?
Im miserable. ive started drinking to ease the pain. it doesn't help. my family is always fighting and yelling at me. I feel sick i feel worthless. i keep thinking my family would be better off with out me. nothing makes me happy. i'm always sore. i put on a happy face for my friends and family. i've felt like this before. i was depressed then. but i cant be depressed can i.? there's no way. im at a good school i've got great friends but yet i feel this way. i have no one to talk to. i don't know what to do. ive lost a lot of weight. my grades are getting lower. Am i depressed.? What should i do.? help me!Health Question & Answer

you are definitely showing signs of depression. chronic pain, nothing is making you happy, even though you have a pretty good life. i would recommend you yellow page a psychiatrist who can subscribe to you an anti-depressant. the anti-depressant will help you. also, the psychiatrist can help you with the drinking and family situation. In the meantime, work on hanging out with friends and spending less time alone, and more time with friends or even teachers, as long as it keeps you preocupide and focused on something else. I knida went through the same thing earlier this year when i broke up with my bf and he started going out with a different girl the next day. I'm still not over it, but im kinda getting there. You definately aren't too young to be depressed because i am your same age and one of my friends are on anti-depressants. Good luck and i hope you can get some help!Health Question & Answer

yup you are depress if you can go see a therapist there are so many symptoms of depression drinking sleep to much or too little and you may only have a mild case of depression just dont let it consume you tell you family how you feel also if possible move to one of you favorite relatives house but definately talk to a favorite teacher or school counselorHealth Question & Answer

so many depressed teenagers online tonight.?
are you all the same person, if so i've anserwed this question several times now!
sorry i'm being insensitive, life is a b****, get some professional help, you will feel better i promise.
take careHealth Question & Answer

None of us can make a certain diagnosis on line, but it certainly sounds like you are depressed.

It might help to see a counsellor. Someone empathetic that you can trust and feel comfortable with.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like depression to me... maybe you should get away, take a trip, smoke a spliff or just talk to somebody about it. Or just get laid.Health Question & Answer

it sounds like it. why don't you try talking to somebody or try talking to the person you talked to last time.?Health Question & Answer

Join the circus.Health Question & Answer

This is common and treatable. Call a doctor. There's no sense in battling this solo.Health Question & Answer

look when i was in school the same things came over me you have to talk to those around you that are making you feel that way it will help i promise once you get so low its hard to talk and you get mad and you want to fight and anything will set you off i know trust me i have been there and even more talk to one of your most trusted friends and if you don't trust no one like that then write it down but make sure you talk to your family your relationship will get better with them or talk to a counselor It'll get better but you must talk to your family i cant stress it enough and then find something anything that makes you happy like i love to dance when i get stressed even to this day i dance NO drugs its not worth that just talk to some one in your family. Just know it'll get better but you must tlak to someone please.Health Question & Answer

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