Love your life ?!

Question: Love your life .?
Last week in my town, a father of two took his life. in my opinion no problem is big enough to kill ur self. Y cant people just realize that human life is so amazing and u are so lucky have it.Love ur family and love ur life.....?Health Question & Answer

there are a lot of people who take their own lives, we all do not hav

it all , if some one is feeling this way go and seek help it is a phone call away even a neighbour, you have a good heart, I agree with you i it is another parent

if that is not the case it is another child, not in the above case but different

you have a lovely xmasHealth Question & Answer

Well, you have to consider that everyone's family is not great and there are things that happen in life that cause many people to question. A lot of people are brokenhearted for a myriad of reasons: career, job loss, relationship problems, divorce, etc. Many times it's difficult to cope with these things. For someone to end their own life, they must have been in a lot of pain and they must've been in a predicament they didn't see themselves getting out of. Your question sounds simple but it's very complicated in practice.Health Question & Answer

Because sometimes a person gets exhausted from "hanging in there" or "trying a little harder" or "bucking up" to all the awful things in their life. When a person feels like there is no one to talk to or who will listen to them and help them, they feel totally alone. That is an awful feeling and depending on the pain in their heart, which by the way is very real physical pain, they may believe that death is a better alternative to their pain. Sometimes it is quite unbearable to feel alone. If you know someone like that, touch them, listen to them, and let them know you want to help. You might save a life.Health Question & Answer

People who take their own lives are often suffering from a mental illness,at that point at that time it may seem like their only solution.Mental illness is terrifying.Not all may have mental illness however though and there can be many reasons why someone could choose to take their own life.There's a lot of pressure on people these days,financially specifically,only he really knows i guess though,maybe if we cared about each other the way the world cares for money there wouldn't be as many suicides.Health Question & Answer

What if you grow up with a father who rapes you.? Is life amazing then.? What about if you end up losing your wife, your job, and your home, and end up on the streets.? Is life amazing then.? What if you're walking home one evening and someone stabs you and steals your wallet, leaving you to bleed on the pavement.? Is life amazing then.?Health Question & Answer

Depression is an illness, you can't control your emotions when you are depressed.People with depression constantly battle to fight feeling like they are-they DONOT want to be like that which is why they can get so guilty and feel as if they would be better off dead.

Alot of my pateinets have the most perfect lives and no worries yet are still depressed-how can you explain that.?Health Question & Answer

i support the right to take your life.Health Question & Answer

everyone's life isn't all roses. Mine sucks. Although I'd never take my life or my kids life but I hate getting up in the morning because of how crappy my life isHealth Question & Answer

You obviously don't know what depression is like. It's a mental disorder. It's not as simple a just "realizing that human life is so amazing." Do you think people ENJOY being depressed.? That's like saying people enjoy dying of cancer. You wouldn't tell someone with cancer to just "cheer up, it's not so bad," would you.?

And besides, how do you know anything about this guy's life.? For all you know he was some abusive alcoholic. You don't know anything about him.

You're lucky that you have such a healthy mind and a sunny outlook. But you're naive to not realize that not everyone is as lucky as you.

EDIT: It's not about whether or not it's "alright" to take your life. Being suicidal is a MENTAL ILLNESS. It's not a logical, rational decision. A person who commits suicide is SICK.

Again, the cancer analogy. Would you tell a guy dying of cancer he should be ashamed of himself for dying of an illness.? Then why would you tell that to someone who's depressed.?Health Question & Answer

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