Make fun of my old OCD?!

Question: Make fun of my old OCD.?
When i was little I had OCD and my friend said yesterday that she had an OCD with decorating all her stuff. Which got me kinda mad since OCD is mostly where you have to do totally pointless things for no reason except the urge to or that you feel somthing bad will happen if you don't. ANd i told her this and she said OCD is when you have to do anything for no apparent reason. Which is tottaly wrong because you have to do many things for no appearent reason. And i got angry with her and shes just like o well you have an OCD with always being right too then. I just got so mad because its a serious mental problem i had. So do you think i was wrong to get all mad and am I right with OCD being where you have to do stuf like poke something or wash your hands a couple times not decorating some stupid item.?Health Question & Answer

well....OCD is truly a very serious disorder but its not that you have to do pointless things, surely, the things or actions performed, are of greater value for the person who does them. those actions may seem pointless to others, but the person suffering from urges to do them, feels that, those actions are of utmost importance. if u r doing something like twice or three times, its not OCD. these actions are performed to prevent something(like something bad from happening), and has very strong emotional component. but to others, those may seem pointless. now the point here is that you dont have to be mad on ur friend because of her veiws. u can give ur opinion, but u dont have to force that on her. especially when shes reluctant to learn that from u. u can encourage her to search the disorder on her own i.e, books, web etc. and give her the notion that she can talk to u about her problem if she wants to...but seriously, dont get mad just because someone is not listening to u and u r right. give her time, she'll learn the truth eventually and will talk to u after that....:)....she's ur friend, and sometimes its hard to take advice from friends and even family if u think that u r right and other person is wrong. all u have to do is to give her time and talk to her when shes open to discussion with u. takecare.Health Question & Answer

OCD doesn't depend on doing a little or a lot. it's not a mental problem. it's just a chemical imbalance, not problem. problems can't be fixed--imbalances can.

if she's obsessive about decorating, then yeah. but OCD depends on the person. it's not just the same thing for every person. you need to apologize to your friend....cause that's....incredibly dramatic preteen sorta stuff....Health Question & Answer

ocd is an anxiety disorder defined by recurrent and persistent obsessions for example, you constantly think you will become contaminated and to neutralize this anxiety you feel by these intrusive thoughts or images you engage in compulsions-like washing your hands a bunch times. so unless she was decorating to ease her anxiety about some intrusive thought or image then it is not ocd. so while the things people with ocd may seem pointless to people watching, they are actually helping the person feel less anxious about these obsessive thoughts they are having. and it is probably frustrating if you have this disorder for other people to make light of the situation but your friend probably just didn't knowHealth Question & Answer

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