Does recovery really come from with in?!

Question: Does recovery really come from with in.?
Like for example, okay, i will talk to a psych but then inside me i just don't want to listen and believe that i'm asking someone to analyze my problem.. i know its stupid but i'm not the type of person who asks someone to analyze my problem.. so what the psych told me will be of no use even all the things he/she says is true.Health Question & Answer

I have been in "recovery" now over 5 years for heroin addiction. I've been taking methadone the entire time and I'm finally winding it down. At one time I took 145 milligrams of methadone per day and now I'm down to 17 milligrams a day. I did that because i wanted to quit this crap not because anyone else even mentioned it to me.
I have done almost all i can to totally disregard every word every counselor at the clinic has told me because 99.99% is pure unadulterated garbage.
If you want to recover you do it on your own because there are no magic words anyone can tell you to make you quit doing whatever it is that has you in recovery to begin with. You do it alone, always have and always will.
You might get a few decent suggestions, but those are far and few between. The VAST majority of psychs are there for a pay check, period. I have as of yet to meet one that knows enough about me to diagnose the color of my hair let alone what makes me tick. Several years ago i was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. I had injected bug killer in my arm and it got terribly infected and i nearly lost my arm over it. The psych there asked me three questions: How many brothers and sisters do I have, How many kids did I have and what were their ages. From that information he was able to make a full diagnosis and form a complete plan to recovery and in the meantime completely ignored the fact that i was almost ready to loose my arm to infection. And they wondered why I was ready to slap the bastrid upside his fat head and sue him...
I was released the very next day and got help with my arm and recovered quite well on my own at that time.
Next time around was quite different, but I'm flying solo on this bout of "recovery".
Recovery...what an obnoxiously over used word...

Good luck Kiddo.Health Question & Answer

No one can change you, you have to want to change.

I am thinking you might do better with a psych who is experienced and will get you to do the work and thinking (and is unafraid to leave long silences!) - because the only way you are going to address problems is if you come up with your own solutionsHealth Question & Answer

Yes, it has to come from your own efforts and desire to follow what the psych. tells you to do. Just hearing their words will do no good, you have to take action, and remember that they are spending their time helping you to get better, not to be ignored. ;)Health Question & Answer

Well, no the psych can't force your recovery. All s/he can do is help you, by giving you the tools to solve your own problem. That doesn't mean his/her help is worthless, unless you choose not to use the help that is offered.Health Question & Answer

To be able to change you have to want to change yourself, its impossible for someone to make you change.Health Question & Answer

Yes it does come from within, no matter how much people try to help it will only change if you decide to let it change.Health Question & Answer

you have to waht to change. if not then its just a waste of your timeHealth Question & Answer

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