Wisdom teeth removal??!

Question: I have just been told that I need to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed!! Can anybody who has had this done please give me their experiences on it. Even if you have not had all 4 removed. All stories appreciated. I am particulary interested in, the time it took to heal? What anaesthetic? How painful? How swollen? And anything else people can think of!

Many, MANY moons ago I was in my dentists' having my usual six monthly and although there was an awful lot of tugging and twisting, it wasn't until he'd finished that he told me he'd taken all four of mine out - and the only anaesthetic I'd had was the usual gum numbing ones! Didn't feel a thing - not even afterwards - except for the space left behind, so it's not such as big-a-deal as so many people think.
My ex-girlfriend had this done, you go into hospital, they put you under, yank 'em out then bring you back round. You need to have something to eat and then you can go home. She had a sore mouth for a couple of days afterward.
Wasn't that bad, had mine done in hospital under a general. Not any real pain, but swelling and kept playing with the inside of my mouth with my tounge - drove me mad, swill mouth frequently with warm salty water - that helps alot.

Don't worry it wont take long to get back to normal. GOOD LUCK!
Most people have had at least one wisdom tooth removed, many need all of them removed. There is just not enough room in the mouth sometimes for extra teeth.

I've had all four removed (two impacted) under general anesthesia and two other extractions with just local anesthetic at various times, it really wasn't a big deal. I didn't have a whole lot of pain or swelling at all. I was eating regular food the next day (soft foods).

The worst part IMO was the blood. The absolute worst feeling is having to keep those rolls of bloody spitty gauze in your mouth. They get slimy and gross, because your mouth is open you keep drooling, you have to keep changing them. The salt water rinses made things a bit better but not much, you can also bite on teabags too, that's nice for some variety. But the bloody gauze! Swallowing that blood makes you a little nauseous too. This is just the first day or two though, after that it's ok.

Plan on a few days of rest at home, you'll get through it fine.
I had this done in boot camp, in 1984, at the Great Lakes, Illinois Naval Hospital.

Mine were impacted under my jaw, and had to have a bit of hard core surgery. The crunching noises were the freakiest part.

They gave me Tylenol III, and a rack pass for three days.

I slept, literally for three days straight it was so exhausting. I only got up to go to the bathroom, and get a drink a few times a day , and went back to bed.

Well -needed rest. Salt water gargles. Stitches flopped around a bit.

Took a few weeks to heal. 20 years later, no problems.

But the memories are still fresh. lol.

I had all 4 of mine removed under general anaesthic at the local hospital as a day patient. I only had two small disovble stitches in one gum were the doctor really had trouble getting one tooth out. I was a little sore for a few hours. It was the following day before I could chew anything or drink anything hot. I had NO swelling or brusing at all.
Get another opinion or two. I was told this when I was a teen. Long story short I didn't believe him and didn't have it done. All of my wisdom teeth came in normal and healthy and are still in today,(I'm 39). It's a common scam I found out. It happens all the time. It's unfortunate to find out that your dentist is a profiteer, but get other opinions anyway.
I had my wisdom tooth pulled out in Nov 06 for the first time.

I had never been so terrified in all my life!!

It was ok in the end.

My dentist began to pull my tooth out & I heard a little crunch. The tooth was just about to give way & I felt a little shooting pain in my tooth.

I said to my dentist that it still hurt a little so he injected me with some more anaesthetic, left me for 5 mins & then the tooth came out without any pain.

I couldn't eat solid foods on the side of my mouth where the tooth was pulled out & I had to wash my mouth with warm salt water to help heal the wound & keep it free from infection.

It only cost me £40 but I'm on some plan thing. I don't really understand cause my Mum pays for it all. Hurrah!
The best thing to do is to find out if you can get them pulled out individually because speaking from personal experience it is painful. what causes the pain is the the actual pulling of the teeth,the twisting and turning and it also has to do with how the root of the tooth being pulled if the root of the tooth is twisted somehow it makes it harder to pull and may require the dentist to cut the tooth before it can actually be pulled I'm not sure what kind of numbing medicine that is used but it is giving to you with a needle being shot into your gums until you cant feel anything it takes about 3 days to a week to heal because in the area were the tooth is being pulled it has to be stitched up.
When I was in junior high I had all four wisdom teeth extracted at one time. I asked to be knocked out so they gave me gas and some injection. Afterwards I was so groggy that I needed help to get out to the car. Before going into the procedure, I had also asked to have a milkshake ready for me in the car, but my mouth was so numb I couldn't really drink it without making a mess and I wasn't very hungry either. I was instructed to stay in bed with my head elevated to reduce the chance of swelling and I had to swish with hydrogen peroxide a couple times a day to keep the my mouth clean. Probably the most uncomfortable thing was I felt like I couldn't open my mouth very wide. The dentist had put in self-dissolving stitches, which were kind of gross because I could feel them with my tongue. I stayed in bed for several days mainly eating soft foods and liquids. It was just under a week before I was up and around again, but still had to continue rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Gradually I had regained the ability the open my mouth all the way, but it did take a little while for all the stitches to dissolve.

Also, I have seen a few other people after having their teeth extracted. They experienced a lot of swelling ('chipmunk' looking) and some bruising/discoloration caused by the swelling. I think staying in bed was helpful in preventing this in my case.
I have only had 1 removed. I had it taken out at the dentist under a local aneasthetic (injection). It took them 45mins to get the one tooth out.
I didn't have stitches they just left a huge hole in my mouth. It was bloody painful If I was to have any more taken out I would ask to be asleep. I didn't have any swelling just bleed alot for a few days.
my ex wife had all 4 done best laugh ive had in ages she was in agony haha i had 1 out and it was no bother
i had 2 out, i went to hospital to have them out, and i was scared as i hate hospitals anyway, and i was in a chair and she gave me a injecting and it was in my left hand, and he said sqeeze the nurses hand, i did and i was crying at it did hurt, and i was looking at a picture on the wall, and he said open your mouth, and that was it, i dont know what happined after that, i opened my eyes and i was in a wheel chair, and they took me in the room with my mum, and i was resting,

my dad had to come and get us, as i couldnt use no buses or taxis, and i was sore i was on soup alot afterwoods, and very sleepy,
But u will be no longer wise

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