will they know the difference between a urine sample being held at proper temp. 4 a week and one given today?!


YES, they will know if it's old urine, silly!! Week old or day old urine is NOT the same as a fresh sample. Don't even try it.
definately- i used to work at a preemployment screening co. and our drug people were always able to tell if it was old- or even fresh but from the wrong person- you'd be suprised how much urine can tell you about a person- what you've done- what you eat- even if you're trying to flush your system with niacin or drinking tons of water- or some of those stupid pills head shops sell that swear you'll test clean (you won't)- all of it- don't try it unless you don't care about he consequences of getting caught- or unless you're certain that the lab you're going to is full of lazy stupid people who don't want to stay in business...

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