Will salicylic acid fade acne marks?!

Question: I have that Neutrogena Rapid Clear On-The-Spot 8 hrs Acne Eliminating Gel and it's 2% Salicylic Acid & I have a fairly recent post acne dark spot on my forehead & was wondering if I put some on it, would it help it clear up since SA helps shed skin or w/e...?

no it wont. You need a vanishing cream that you can use along with an exfoliant. Try Palmers skin success or ambi
If it is scared probably not. Talk to a dermatologist he may be able to give you other ideas
You need something with Hydroquinone in it because it is a skin lightener. I bought this stuff called acne free that fades ance scars and it actually works. You can buy it at Target for like $20.Salicylic acid is used to treat pimples.It does nothing for scaring.
whatever you do, don't feel sad just because you've got acne. i've been there, and trust me, there are ways to improve it! this is the product i'm currently using, it works great!

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