Will one hit of weed effect my drug test screening?!

Question: I do not smoke weed regularly. I was stupid and I took a hit yesterday, for the first time in a year. Coincidently, later on I received a call for a job interview and want to give me a drug test (4 days later). I'm told to drink water and pickle juice and avoid those "detox" drinks online. Should i be worried? Should i avoid drinking alcohol? Is one hit enough to worry about this? What can i do?

Cannabinoids detection time-urinalysis
Light smoker or acute dosage --1-3 days
Moderate use (4x / week) ---3-5 days
Heavy smoker (daily) ---10 days
Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) ---10-21+ days
Oral ingestion --1-5 days
Passive inhalation . In general, routine passive exposure to marijuana smoke will not result in a positive result for carboxy-THC. Only under unrealistic conditions, a person may test positive for carboxy-THC, but concentrations are generally below the routine cut off levels.
if it was one hit probably not . don't use the first urine of the day and when you take the test pee a Little bit first then fill the jar
Sure it will stay with you. Weed lasts longer than most drugs in the system.
I'm sure the person who told you to drink water and pickle juice is an authoritative source.....good luck there.
Btw, if you should by some stretch of the imagination pass the drug screen, pray they don't take a hair sample....
Yes, it will mturn up positive. The good news is that it depends on which drug test they give. For example, a temp agency just wants to know are you positive today. Other tests can be used that can place you in positive for up to 30 day. But the hair test will turn up positive for as long as it is on your head.
Good Luck and party on
Yes, I would say it's in your system and would show up on a drug test. I've heard that drinking water does help. Don't know anything about pickle juice but the reason for avoiding those "dextox" drinks is that the drug tests can tell when you've used them. Find out if it's a urinalysis or a saliva swab test. My story: I was job hunting and stopped smoking. After a while, probably about 10 days, I had a drug test for a position. I took an at home drug test the night before (urinalysis). I had been on a diet and had been drinking TONS of water recently (starting the same time I stopped smoking, about 10 days prior). The at home drug test was positive. The real drug test turned out to be a saliva swab test which I read online only tests the last 48 hours or so (not 100% sure about that). Anyway I passed and was offered the job; end of story. My theory? If it's a saliva test maybe(?) you're safe. Or maybe one hit wouldn't be enough to register. Who knows. Obviously not me.
The postings on this kind of string usually run with three types of answer:

1. The venom-spewing name calling bs from people who will smoke a pack a day and drink until their eyes turn yellow, but they want to demonize you for taking a puff.
2. The well intended stoner or friend of a stoner that heard of some friend who did this crazy thing like drinking out of a pickle jar, or a gallon of vinegar, or eating a bunch of goldenseal. Most of these can be shown to have little or no effect on the outcome of a test even with minimal research.
3. Those answers that provide you with data backed up by research.

A job could depend on this, so I'll try to give you anwers that fall into category #3.

I would read the research directly, so that you can listen to experts on the matter who have actually researched the problem from a clinical standpoint and can give good advice. Check out NORML, and this paper that outlines some good ideas and advice:


What they say, in a nutshell:
1. Don't give a test sample with your first pee in the morning. Drug metabolites build up overnight, and you want them as diluted as possible.
2. Drink as many fluids as possible for 2-3 hours before the test. Water is best. The water will dilute your pee and might drive the concentration of drug metabolites down below the testing threshold.
3. Take B vitamins in that time period. The B vitamins will cause your pee to still look yellow instead of looking clear. Clear urine can make a tester suspicious that you're trying to dilute your pee, which, of course, you are.
4. Although it's no fun, the best advice is to go without for a month. Although you can't do that, you only took a mild hit, you didn't have residual THC built up in your system from a heavy smoking schedule, and you can take the steps above to dilute the sample.

Also, you can buy a "practice" test for about $15 from the corner drug store. Then you can be sure. They usually have them by the pharmacist's desk, and you can buy them no questions asked.

The website www.passyourtest.com has a lot of good research in regard to how long different drugs are detectable in your system, what the different types of drug tests are and how effective they are, etc. They also have a bunch of products they will try to sell you to clean you out, but I don't put much stock in those, and they're pretty expensive. But the website is worth a look just for the info.

There's another guy on here, Cliff Schaffer, who has a library that has a lot of background info on the subject, history, etc. That link is also below.

Best of luck.

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