will intravenous saline remove toxins from your body?!


it wont remove the toxins from your body, it will only rehydrate your body and add minerals to your system.

Other concentrations of saline are frequently used for other purposes, such as supplying extra water to a dehydrated patient or supplying the daily water and salt needs ("maintenance" needs) of a patient who is unable to take them by mouth. Because infusing a solution of low osmolality can cause problems, intravenous solutions with reduced saline concentrations typically have dextrose (glucose) added to maintain a safe osmolality while providing less sodium chloride. As the molecular weight (MW) of dextrose is greater, this has the same osmolality as normal saline but contributes less sodium to the circulation. Because dextrose monohydrate (MW 198 in contrast to MW 180 for glucose) is the commercial form of dextrose used in these preparations, 5% dextrose actually contains only 4.5 g/dL of glucose.
antibiotics will do that
No, it will hydrate your body. You will need antibiotics to remove toxins.

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