Will I pass my drug test if I was around people that smoked?!

Question: I take my drug test today. About a month ago I was in a car with people smoking weed and I put my head in my shirt so I wouldn't breath in the fumes but it was so heavy everywhere, and one time my friends were smoking in a room, the weed smoke wasn't everywhere but the smoke would whizz by me and I just knew it was in my system, I do not smoke at all. Plus I am not fat I heard THC stores to your fatty cells. Does anyone think the weed is in my system? This was over 4 weeks ago

Man relax , it would be hard to get in your system if you didn't smoke it, and espeacially if it was a month ago you are cleaner than a new born baby, quit trippin.
YEAH all my friends smoke but I dont and I always pass a drug test
no your drug test should be fine
no, you should be fine. if you dont actually smoke it yourself, and assuming your doing a urine test, there wouldnt be enough in your system for it to show on a test
you never know...did you inhale? Drink lots of water just to be safe!
im pretty sure that its not... however why do u hang with people who smoke... weed is soooo trashy... u need 2 stop hanging with that group... u should of never gotten yourself in with him and you wouldnt have to take the drug test
yes you will pass THC does not get enough into your system that way to show a significant enough amount.
Your fine. Even if you actually smoked it, it's out of your system in a month. And if you don't smoke normally, its out of your system even less. I smoked at a concert over the summer and I don't normally smoke at all, and I passed a drug test no problem 3 weeks after it.
All that second hand smoke rhetoric is a myth. If you didn't smoke it then it aint in you. It aint like a flu virus.
If you are telling the whole story here, you should be fine. The amount of cannabis that you will have in your system from second-hand smoke is pretty small. If you took your drug test the next day, it *could*register, but it would be unlikely even then. After a month, if you have been clean yourself, then you will be fine. Cannabis typically lasts about 2-3 weeks in the urine of most people. So, don't worry about it.

Good luck!!
No WAY! You're totally fine! When I went to a juvenile detention center for it, the probation officer told me that even sitting in a hotboxed car for an hour with smoke so thick you can't see won't get into your system. Especially if you aren't chubby and it's been about a month? You don't have a single worry :)
No you will be ok
Chill out your ok. Drink plenty of water.

You know, if you are getting tested you have gotten into trouble with the law over drugs.

Don't you think it would be best to stop hanging around with people who STILL use drugs? Ever heard the expression "If you hang around the barbershop long enough you WILL get a haircut"? You keep hanging around these people and you will start using again....then you will be back in trouble. Is it worth it? You probably have suspended jail time and you do it all if you test positive.
no..your fine...you have to have a high level to test positive..there is an allowable amount you can have. they do this so people dont say that they were "around" it.
dude u r such a ******* dumb ***. yes u will pass ur drug test.
This isn't really an answer, as most people have already correctly assured you that you'll be fine, but I feel the need to point out to everyone that drug tests don't always mean someone's in trouble with the law. Some jobs require you to take a drug test. Don't just assume things.
You'll be fine but, I agree with a lot of the other people who are telling you to stop hangin with people who do use!!!

Do the words Guilt by association mean anything to you....????
You'll pass with no problem. You'll be fine. Most companies test for what would appear less than a week back. I mean, like if they took a hair sample, then maybe you'ld have problems, but most places do a "piss test". Every test I've taken, I'd actually smoked the pot a week before and I've always tested negative.
No lie - every time. Granted it's only been 5 times, but one was for the US Army. No problem.
One month (a) and (b) not actually inhaling the pot, I would think you could even pass a hair strand test.
I have to agree with bmac--hanging out with this crowd is going to get you nowhere. If bmac's right in his assumption that you're under court supervision, it's not smart. If--as I assumed--it's an employment-related test, it's still not smart.

Now to your question--if you're talking about a test for pot/weed/Mary Jane, then the tests are looking for metabolites of THC, the active ingredient. Being in an enclosed space with others using weed will not put you over the presumptive limits for a "positive" result under any test standard that I'm aware of. Not only would the level of THC you ingested have been fairly low, the metabolites of THC are eliminated from your body fairly quickly.

This is not, however, the case with many other drugs--the active ingredients and/or their metabolites remain in your system for long periods of time, often several weeks, and can be detected in hair samples indefinitely.

But seriously--you're being dumb if you hang out with this crowd when this sort of thing is going down.

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