Will I grow anymore?!

Question: I am a 15year old girl and about 5'8". I really want to grow another two inches. Is there anything I can do to help me grow? My friend said you can get taller by stretching but I don't know if that is true.

at 15 years old and you are 5'8" you should be happy! Why would you want to grow to be 6' tall???? seriously! be happy you arent 4'5" or smaller! and your friend needs to stay off the pipe! streching wont make you grow.
You won't be done growing until you are 18-19. Your height is determined by your genes. There is nothing you can take to make yourself grow. Your fiend is wrong. Stretching is NOT going to make you taller. Nothing will.
You can stretch all you want, it is not going to help you grown at all. You may or may not be done growing. Generally a person grows till they are about 18 years of age. I personally have been the same height, 5'9, since I was 15. The only way to know if you are done growing is to have an X-ray done on your feet to see if the growth plates have closed or not.

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