will i be tall too??!

Question: i am a 16 year old guy and i am around 5'8 all of my cuzins on my dads side are above 6 foot and all my dads brothers are around 5'9. if my dad is around that too does it mean since my cuzins are all over 6'0 that i will be too? p.s im near the middle or puberty and havent has a grow spurt yet?

I think you will be very tall. Tall is a good thing for a man though. You should be happy. It runs in your family genes.
I wouldn't worry about it. 5'8 is around average I think and it sounds like you will grow a little bit more. If not, oh well, nothing you can do about it you know.
Diet is as much of a factor as genetics are.
I have seen many children from immigrant families that are much taller than their parents.
It sort of depends on genetics and you didn't mention about your mom's side of the family either . Are your mom's people tall also ? If they are you might have that tendency to be tall also but if they are not you might just be 5'8 or 5'9 .

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