will human urine get rid of an earache if placed into the infected ear?!


yup!... it will also get rid of a sore throat if you gargle and swallow it................lol
Never heard of that.
ROFL! I doubt it. But try it and let us know what happens.
I have heard of this, but his ole girl isn't gong to try it. Use some warm mineral oil or swimmers ear drops works for me. If that doesn't work ask your pharmacist or doctor. Don't use a Q- Tip if it's wax build up it just pushes the wax farther down into the canal.
I have heard of this - but do not know if it works - would be afraid of infection's spreading - try sweet oil instead. You can find it at most pharmacies - put some on a metal spoon and heat it with a match - not to long - when it is warm - NOT HOT - dip spoon over ear with the ache and let it run into the ear! This is what my family does for earaches!@~
I can't believe that you heard that. I had an old aunt who said that she heard that when she was a small child. And that was probably 80 years ago. There was a saying that if you pee into a spoon and then put it in your ear, it would cure an earache. However, there really isn't much truth to it. you will see how sickening it is when it start to run down your throat.
Wow, this is something that was done in the 1800's. Talk about an old wives tale gone wrong. The thing that would happen, if you choose to try this is that having the urine in your ear would make you so sick to your stomach, you would forget about you earache.

Human urine is actually sterile when it exists the body, and has been used for things such as jellyfish stings. There are natural healing practitioners that believe in using urine for all sorts of cleansing reasons, but it would not be my personal choice. I prefer to use warm olive oil for earaches, or a warm heating pad. With all of the different cultures and beliefs in the world, I can accept the possibility; but I do not have to participate.

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