Will forcing yourself to use your non-dominant hand increase your IQ?!

Question: I am mainly right handed, but my left eye and left foot are dominant. Was wondering in this is partial ambidexterity (sp)?
right brain - left brain issue?

Hi kds .. ( what does that stand for?)

I think it shows adaptability but do not think it is directly linked with increased I.Q. or brainpower as such... of course there are so many other factors to be considered making it almost impossible to verify either yes or no answers to your question
just as an aside .. did you know that according to studies it has been suggested that left handed people have a different life expectancy to that of right handed people

anyway live long & prosper!
No. It will not increase your IQ. It will only increase your ability to use either hand.
One might have to do a study on this. See if there has ever been a controlled study done before..
Oh, now I see the rest of the question. I would say this is am·bi·dex·trous, or a form of it..Yes.
We did this experiment in art class, we had to draw an object upside down or using the other hand. It increases your motor skills by triggering the right side of the brain where creativity is usually in your left side. It was fun to learn about stuff like that and how you can increase your right side brain power. This all has made me become a better musician with eye-hand coordinations.
Right handed people are left brain dominant.

That means that your left eye usually will be dominant if you are right handed.

Are there ways to increase your IQ...yes, read more. Not junk. Read art, history, math, business, anything that is not naturally easy for you. Also, the right side of your brain is more artistic and appreciates music.

Are you ambidexterous? Probably not, but you can practice using mind enhancing games and puzzles. You don't need much to stay smart...just remember to keep using your mind. Avoid the TV

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