Will Ephedrine show up on a company drug test?!

Question: It was banned awhile back. How can they determine what it is? It ephedrine from Ma huang extract.

Absolutely and you better have a presciption for it.Or proof from a pharmacy that you bought it on a one time basis. ma huang..yea it is.
When you take a company drug test, there is a form you fill out indicating what foods and medications you have taken. Make sure that you indicate that you have taken this supplement on paper. if something hits, they will look at the paperwork. If you are female, ma huang is not necessarily the best thing to use.
I think everything will show up. I've seen the list of 'drugs' that show up on a blood test.....many more than I thought existed!
I know that pseudoephedrine will show up as an opiate. I'm unsure about ephedrine itself. What level you have in your system and what the cutoff level that they test for will be factors as well.

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