Will eating ice cream before bed cause crazy dreams?!

Question: I've heard that if you eat ice cream before bed you can have wild crazy dreams that make no sense. Does anyone know if this is true?

No. Crazy dreams are caused by an active mind nothing more.

Ice cream induces sleep, that's all it does. The calcium in the ice cream helps you drift off at night. That's why people tend to have some before they go to bed, or have some milk before htey go to bed or in the middle of the night.
I ate ice cream before I went to bed last night and I'm sorry to say but I didn't have any crazy dreams.
No...unless you go to sleep with the icecream melting in your bed, that would be crazy...
I have never heard of such thing, I've eaten a lot of ice cream before going to bed. No wild crazy dreams here.
Jalepinos will do the job... dunno bout icecream.
If your looking for vivid or lucid dreams try sleeping, (or smoking) mugwort. I had a hard time remembering my dreams, so I slept with a mugwort pillow. OMG! now I have to sleep with a dream catcher to control them.
Never heard of that before. I've never had ice cream before bed, but I've had plenty of crazy dreams. It might cause SOME people to have crazy dreams, but I doubt it. So I think it's not true.

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