will anybody listen to me?!

Question: i'm in middle school and i'm 4'8 i have been pretty short all my life and i didn't really care until now! I am tired of being so SHORT! I don't want to wait until my growth spurt because i never think i will grow that tall anyway. my elemenatry school brother and sister and only 1 inch shorter than i am and my high school brother is like 6 inches taller than i am. I'm tired of not being noticed and being called names like: SHORTY, 3rd GRADER, MIDGET and tons of other names like that! I just want to be normal and be NOTICED for once instead of being the one who looks up to people all the time! please give me some suggetions please, i really need some help. I'M TIRED OF BEING SHORT!!!!!

Relax it happens when it happens. You'll grow up soon enough & I know this is corny but enjoy these times in your life, they real R the best. Your about to hit your growing spree. Take it easy on your self. Its a wast of time to worry about things we can do nothing about. Growing up I saw several from the 8th grade to the 10th grow 1' easy & filled out. Hope I've helped you some or gave you something to think about.
The only thing you can really do is get a pair of cowboy boots or shoes that have a thick sole to make you a bit taller.My Sons best friend is 20 and he is 5'2 .They have always made fun of him But you have to have the right attitude to deal with the meen People.Good Luck
You can be short in stature but tall in what you know and services you perform. Get to know yourself. What subjects at school interest you: What are you good at doing and what do you like to do? Study hard, and go on to college, get the most formal education you can. If you are good at what you do, and especially if you help a lot of people in so doing, many people will look UP at you.

Young people are notoriously cruel but you will get past that stage in life. Later on, probably by the time you are in college, you will notice that no one is even interested in how tall or short you are. You'd be glad if anyone pays any attention to you at all -- each person will be too busy doing their own things. You will also be focused on other things.

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