Will acid show up in a urine test if I get drug tested at work?!


Can a urine drug test detect if I've used LSD?

LSD is not usually tested for in standard or advanced drug tests. Because of the tiny amounts involved and its rapid removal from the body, it is very difficult to detect. It stays in the urine for 24-48 hours.


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im assuming so..
you bet and it lasts about 38 days too
Uric acid certainly will.
Sorry to say, yes it will & for over 60 days too. don't do it boy!
yea, any type of drug will show up in your urine, so your screwed!
of course... pick up a urine cleaner thing at any smokeshop (like smoke and leather). There's a drink there that you can take which will get rid of the traces.
Yes 100 percent.. LSD is the worst drug for staying in the body's system, it can be detected up to 6 month later... Coke is the quickest to leave at around 2-3 days..
yes i think it will but not as long as ppl believe bc ppl say weed stays in ur system for a month no matter what but drink pickle juice and it's not
acid does not show up in urine. You have to get a spinal tap and that is now illegal because if they make a slight mistake they can paralise you for life.

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