Will a vitamin defiency come up on a standard blood test?!

Question: Will a vitamin deficiency come up on a standard blood test or does it have to be specifically checked for?

I just had blood work that came back normal, and I'm wondering if i have Vitamin B or magnesium deficiency.

In blood tests Vitamins are only checked if they are marked on the lab sheet to be checked. If Vitamins weren't marked to be checked on your sheet then the lab didn't check the values. You could call your clinic and ask if the lab values were checked for vitamin deficencies. And ask what the values were and whether they were normal or not.
Vitamins are not checked for in a blood test, but a deficiency usually shows up with symptoms in your body. A definciency C vitamins causes "scurvy" usually seen in your mouth and gums. A B Vitamin deficiency can be indicated by low energy or jaundice (yellowing of the skin due to a low functioning liver). There are no specific tests to check for these.
It should show up on the blood test. I had blood work done not long ago, and they found I had a severe vitamin D deficiency. Maybe you should check with the nurse to see if your blood was checked for vitamin deficiency to be sure.

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