Will a person who receive another's organ (for example brain) get the donor's memories?!

Question: I am just wondering if a person who receives the brain of a donor gets the donor's thoughts and memories. Please give me an answer...

As brain transplants are not possible we can only guess. In therory one would assume that the person who receives the transplant will no longer be themself, they will in fact be another person with all their foilbles, memories thoughts and IQ capability;
Because memories actually cause a physical change in the brain, it's possible a person receiving another's brain would receive their memories as well.

It worked for the Frankenstein monster anyway.

If you get glandular tissue that produces hormones, you may have slightly different moods.

If they ever invented a spinal cord or brain tissue transplant, you might get memories, reflexes, or even personality traits.

our brain, and to a VERY VERY small amount, your spinal cord, contain memories and reflexes. No other tissue does.
My daddy sez I pulled my brains out the head of my weiner. I try to put them back in with a cake tester and it hurt.
There is no general brain transplantation going on, just so you know. That's purely science-FICTION
Brain transplants are not possible.

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