wierd ear smell?!

Question: ok i have had this problem for like 3 years. One day in my left ear it just started smell really bad. and when ever i clean it its like wet chunky light green stuff that comes out and it has a weird distinct smell. my other ear is normal and when i clean it, its just normal wax. does anyone no what that stuff in my ear is or why its there?

It sounds like you may have an infection in your outer ear canal or otitis externa (also sometimes called Swimmer's ear). However, if the problem has been there for three years continuously, it may not be an infection as it would have either resolved on its own or have progressed to a more serious infection already.

It may be a non-bacterial infection (possibly fungal) in which case it can be that long of a time.

Otherwise it could be pieces of your brain oozing out from all those times you were sticking your pencil in your ear when growing up . . .
you need a doctor right away you may have a serious condition
If it's smelly and is exuding green stuff, you have an infection. Go see an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). If it's not treated, you can end up with hearing loss in that ear.
You might have an ear infection go to the doctor to get it check before you loose your hearing in that ear.
You better get this checked out or a lot worse things are going to happen.
you must see a doctor, i think you have otitis media
You have a problem, the discharge is an infection, and you have a reoccurring one, that is what the smell is, it probably smells rotten, correct. Get to a Dr. and get it looked at, if you leave it you will cause serious, and permanent damage to your hearing.
It's an ear infection! Go and check the doctor!

Really serious!
I think that you have an infection, and if its been going on for 3 years you REALLY need to get to the Dr.!!! You can tilt your head over to the side and put some peroxide in there and if it bubbles then its dirty. Let it clean in there for a little bit then tilt over to the other side letting it drain into a towel or something, then q-tip your ear out gently. Then GO CALL THE DR.!!!! Good luck baby.

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