why,when you sneeze do your eyes close shut?!

Question: really,i want a technical reason,no"it'll pop your eyes out"i want real reasons,such as web links,medical information,and study results

here's a pretty good answer
They don't know why.
haha I wondered the same thing....only one of my eyes shut when I sneeze, its quite weird.
um..i think it's just a natural reflex to protect your eyes
It's just about impossible to hold your eyelids open while you sneeze. They snap shut by reflex. The reflex serves no purpose, so far as anybody knows; it's just the way you're wired up. The nerves serving the eyes and the nose are closely intertwined, and stimuli to the one often trigger some response in the other.
It is a natural protective reflex against particles going into your eye. Did you know that pink eye is foot fungus. If I was an eye only I'd close when anything came around :)
A sneeze is a reaction to get your lungs or throat cleared of some irritant. Your body accomplishes this by quickly contracting your diaphram muscles, and in the deal, all the other muscles contract, too.
Natural reaction so snot and boogies don't fly into your eyes. If you saw what came out of your mouth when you sneeze, you'd puke
because your heart stops and you dont know what else to do...
if they were open
youd look like a ******* retard!
you know if you sneezed with your eyes open everyone would make fun of you...im pretty sure your eyes would come out...
When I am driving and I sneeze I keep my eyes open. Hard work, but u can do it.
you would explode

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