How come men in the Men's Health section are rarely homophobic, such as how some can be in Polls and Surveys?!

Question: How come men in the Men's Health section are rarely homophobic, such as how some can be in Polls and Surveys.?
I frequently let guys know I am gay here in Men's Health and they are always sweet and accepting and aren't homophobic. However, even though they can be the same nice way in Polls and Surveys, occasionally you will get some homophobic answers. What makes the differnece.?Health Question & Answer

Probably males who are intelligent enough to be equipped to answer questions about health are intelligent enough to know that someone's sexual preference is unimportant.Health Question & Answer

There isn't any reason to be homophobic. We homosexuals aren't aliens, we are human and we deserve the same respect. Plus this is the men's health section and health doesn't discriminate. Plus the P&S section are filled with 11 year olds who aren't really homophobic but they think it is funny to make people angry.Health Question & Answer

you wanna know why,.?
its becouse they think gay men might know more about mens bodies then they do, becouse unlike straight men, gays are aware of not only their partners genitals but also their own, and may know more about the subject, everyone is rude and vile untill they need you, then they are very sweet.Health Question & Answer

lol... what is it called when you are scared of homophobia.? Homophobaphobia or what.?

I think you will find that there are homophobes everywhere.. but more especially in R&S. Maybe men's health is less "religious" than some other areas because of all teh dick quesitons.Health Question & Answer

Well pretty much every dude straight or gay talks about the same thing here. Penises and Height That comprises 70% of the talk here. Oh how tall am i gonna grow. How long am i gonna be.Ya so here dudes don't care about gay or straight.Health Question & Answer

I don't know, man. I think it depends on the time of day or something.. because sometimes I see so much sh!t in Men's Health about homosexuality being a bad thing. I don't know why, but I hate P&S... I just feel like everyone there is an a$shole.Health Question & Answer

education level for those who take interest in health tends to better than middle school kids in p&s.Health Question & Answer

and i'm not implying that everyone that graduates middle school has learned to be tolerantHealth Question & Answer

Because homosexual isn't normal.Health Question & Answer

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